Friday, August 15, 2008

Future blog

The milk spills, the water splashes outside the tub, or the cereal leaves a trail upon the floor. In each and every instance, my voice booms with "What do you do if you make a mess? (pause) Clean it up." My now 4.5 year old was able to say clean it up by 2.5 and my 21 month old is now repeating the phrase and requesting a cloth to wipe up the mess.

Messes are frustrating, sometimes downright infuriating when I am busy and have my "control freak" tendencies at the forefront. Yet this phrase is useful. It allows for responsibility, promotes action and creates a solution.

Someday I want to explore how I apply the message in my favourite phrase to regular life. Hence I have created this blog space for myself. I am not quite ready to delve into my emotional and moral self. But the day will come and perhaps I will return to this space. Maybe I will use this space for the bigger questions I have or it may be for my memories of parenting or it may allow for my verbal diarrhea. For now it is here as a reminder of worthy goal.